An Open Letter To My Knees

Dear Knees,

Hey, it’s me. I’d ask you two how you are but I already know – creaky…achy…stiff. I mean, we had a pretty good thing going for almost 30 years, so what changed?

I haven’t been bad to live with. There wasn’t any excessive skiing, volleyball, or basketball growing up – we never even ran more than 2 miles until I was 20! Now you put up a fight if I want to do some back squats. Guys, I’m GOOD at squats – don’t ruin this for me!

I listened to you. I gave you time off. We rested, did some yoga, and stretched. I even gave you a week-long break from high heels! See what I sacrifice for you? Now I need you to repay the favor.

I want to run. I want to rock my lower body workouts. So please, I’m asking you nicely to please please please cooperate. Tow the line. Man up. I need y’all. So lets go back to being friends, mmmkay?


The BB


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