Return to Running with CrossFit Endurance

So, my knees have been bugging me for the last month or so. Duh.

I was a few weeks into 1/2 Marathon training when this problem developed, so I’ve had to lay off running for a while. Five years ago I would have welcomed a running sabbatical, but  now I realize how well my body responds to running (in the weight management department). Plus I’m sick of resting my knees – it doesn’t seem to be helping so maybe I’ve just got to start using them again.  I’ve been searching around the internet looking for a good running re-entry program that wouldn’t bore me to tears when I stumbled upon CrossFit Endurance. As the name suggests, it’s basically a CrossFit program for endurance events/training like running or triathlons. I decided to go back to the basics and start with the 6 week intro program.

Last week was my first week. The program calls for just two days of running with CrossFit (or, in my case, the LiveFit trainer) on the other days. Day 1 was 10x50m, walk back to start for rest. Day 2 was 10x100m, walk back for rest. Very manageable! I like these sprint workouts because they keep you focused on what you’re doing – I don’t even listen to music when I’m doing these.

I felt really good when I did these workouts, but my knees were acting up again yesterday. I have to confess that I also got roped into a 5K turkey trot on Thanksgiving, so perhaps it was too much at once. I’m working on my patience 🙂

Today I’ll be doing workout 1 of week 2, which is basically the same as last week:

Day 1: 15 x 50m , walk back to start for rest.

Day 2: 15 x 100m, walk back to start for rest.

I’m hopeful that by taking my time and adding more running a little bit at a time, my knees will get back into the swing of things without more problems!

This week I also started Phase 3 of the LiveFit trainer. I decided to skip Phase 2 because I really didn’t feel the need to keep putting on muscle. The workouts are much longer than Phase 1 (no surprise), but I like them because they are more intense and keep moving. Waiting a minute between sets is too much for my ADD brain to handle! The first workout of the week was legs, but I didn’t have time to get to the gym that day so modified the workout so I could do it at home without weights. Here’s what it looked like:

  • Superset: 3×15 air squats; 3x 15 jump squats.
  • Active rest set: 3×10 pistols (each side); 3×10 burpees.
  • 3×20 jumping lunges.
  • Active rest set: 3×10 standing calf raises*; 3×10 burpees.
  • Superset: 3×15 air squats; 3×15 air dead lifts.

*The Trainer always includes two calf exercises on leg days, and this workout actually had two different exercises with 3 sets of 20 reps each. That seems crazy to me. Plus, I wear heels everyday (which is like doing an all-day calf press), so I don’t need any more calf definition. I have no idea if my logic is sound, but I’m going with it 🙂

This doesn’t seem like much of a workout but trust me – I was sweating! Looking forward to more fun today!


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