Dear Santa

I was really on a roll this weekend.

First, I accidentally threw away a dozen eggs. Whoopsie. Then, I was getting out my food processor to puree my Smoky Acorn Squash Soup and I bumped my glass blender jar, causing it to fall on my tile floor and shatter into a million pieces. Damn.

There I was: holding a food processor, glass shards everywhere, hot pan of sausage on the stove, with two giant dogs over my shoulder wondering why I’m making so much noise. Why is it that you never break glass when no one is home and you’re not in the middle of ten million things? And how do glass shards manage to fly EVERYWHERE? Like around the corner and into every conceivable crevice?

So Santa, if you’re listening, I think I’ve been a really good girl this year and I will happily accept one of these. Yes I know it’s a $500 blender. No, I’m not planning to open a Jamba Juice in my home. This one just looks so…bad ass. Pretty please?


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