Back to the Barre

For the past several weeks I’ve been at a fork in my fitness road. Sidelined from both running and CrossFit due to overuse injuries, I began to think about my goals and what was really important to me.

A little more than a year ago, a friend introduced me to Xtend Barre. By now, most people are pretty familiar with the pilates barre trend (Xtend Barre, Pure Barre, the Dailey Method, etc.). All of these classes combine traditional pilates movements with dance/cardio for an hour workout focused on balance, core work, and flexibility. Though I’ve never been a dancer (taking jazz in 4th grade doesn’t count in my book!) I was totally hooked. I lost about 8 lbs before my wedding last March and loved the classes and positive studio environment.

I stopped going to barre when I started CrossFit back in June but I’ve really missed it. Then at physical therapy this week, my therapist had me doing a bunch of pilates movements to help with my knee. With a half marathon only 13 weeks away and a new year approaching, now seems like a good time to decide what path to follow to prepare for my race and beyond.

First, the “facts”:

  1. My main goal is maintaining a healthy weight and staying toned. It’s not important to me to be able to bench press 140 pounds.
  2. I don’t want to be injured and want my present issues to heal.
  3. Flexibility is important and something I want to improve upon.
  4. I want to do something I feel like I can continue to do as I get older and that will help keep me feeling and looking good.
  5. I like running and enjoy working toward race goals.
  6. I love paleo.

Based on these facts, I decided to head back to the barre yesterday morning. It was awesome! I got to say hi to some of the ladies I haven’t seen in many months and remembered why I got so hooked in the first place. I also realized how much flexibility I’ve lost over the last few months.

I did learn some great things from CrossFit. First and foremost, I love eating paleo. I also learned how to survive workouts at a higher intensity and that I can push myself more. I now know that my body is capable of much more than I used to give it credit for. I’m still planning to incorporate some BodeeFit workouts each week and I’ve decided to use a CrossFit endurance training program for my half.

I hope that by combining what’s best for me of both fitness worlds, I will stay injury-free and be able to finish the race in under 2 hours. Here goes nothing!


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