Whole30 Days 4 & 5

Friday got a little busy so I didn’t have time to post. I can’t really recall what I ate, but I must confess: I deviated. We had dinner with friends and I enjoyed a glass of sangria – and I feel just fine about it. I know that’s off-plan, but I know my problem isn’t having too many alcoholic drinks (that will be my lone drink of the week). I don’t drink “regularly” and haven’t for many years. The most I have is a couple glasses of vino if we go out to dinner.

For me, this W30 is about addressing my dietary vices, namely sweets, mindless snacking, and afternoon coffee. On that note, one pattern that I’ve been having trouble breaking are “mini meals.” Women’s magazines (and my mother, a dietician) have preached the “6 small meals a day” program for as long as I can remember. The theory goes that small meals eaten every 2-3 hours stokes one’s metabolism and helps avoid feeling hungry. I will say that for my mom, this program has seemed effective – she has always been a healthy 130ish pounds (she will be 60 this year). On the other hand, this way of eating has gotten me into a pattern of eating when I’m not hungry and often relying on bars or other processed foods.

One of the reasons I think that transitioning to a 3 meal a day program has been hard for me is my schedule. I get up pretty early most days – usually between 4:30 and 5. These early hours are either “me” time or when I get my workouts in. I’m also someone who needs to eat breakfast. I feel nauseous if I’m up for more than an hour without eating something. Now, if I workout, my breakfast is pretty small: an egg and a little sweet potato or something similar. The problem with that is by 8 am I’m starving. What to do? Hold out until lunch?

Then of course there’s the 3-4 pm slump…you know dinner is still hours away but you’re getting hungry now. Should you grab a snack to hold you over until dinner or just wait and then ravenously chow down? I’d love some suggestions on this conundrum!

Today – what I ate:

Breakfast: banana and coffee (I was running late for my oil change appt and had to just grab and go)

Lunch: scrambled eggs with bacon and bell peppers; 1 apple

Post workout: About 10 almonds and 1 scoop of hydrolyzed whey mixed in water

Dinner: thai curry short ribs

What I did:

I had a 5K time trial on the schedule. I’m still running on the treadmill due to our Beijing-like air quality, which is kinda OK when it’s only 20 degrees out. I did it in 32 minutes exactly so I have some work ahead of me to meet my sub-2 hour half marathon goal. I wasn’t stoked about the time, but this is only my second day of real running in about 3 months. I’m hoping that the interval program I’m following will be helpful with my speed!

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend and this photo of my sweet angel:



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