Whole30 – the past week!

Bleh – busy week and no time to chat.

W30 has been going well – think I’m finally getting at that chocolate monster! The cravings have subsided and I’ve been feeling fine. One thing I’ve been struggling with this week is getting enough sleep – I’m averaging 5.5-6 hours. Bad! I’ve noticed that a couple nights of poor sleep actually makes it harder to sleep – weird because you would think that being exhausted would allow you to just pass out – nope! So this weekend I’m going to work hard to relax and get adequate shut eye.

I’ve also done some experimentation with non-W30 foods. I know that’s not how it’s supposed to roll, but it’s MY W30 and I was interested to see how I would feel. One food I’ve been missing since going paleo is oatmeal. I love the stuff and used to have it every morning. So I had some. Shortly thereafter, I felt a kind of prickly feeling in my gut similar to an allergic skin reaction. This totally could have been in my head because I now know what grains do to you, but I honestly felt bloated and uncomfortable. Yuck! But also sad!

Since oatmeal and I are really going our separate ways for good, I’ve been experimenting with paleo oatmeal recipes. There’s like a million out there! I’m getting close to something post-worthy – get excited!

Well I’m off to court (for work) – TGIF!


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